October 12, 2010  
The Insider whistleblower
Professional perspectives on Jeffrey Wigand ...

From Nicole Peradotto, The Buffalo Physician, Volume 34, #3:

"The 1990's marked an important turning point in the United States for public health and the aggressive business tactics of one of the country's most powerful and pervasive industries: BIG TOBACCO.

At the forefront of these changes was Dr. Jeffrey Wigand, who exposed corporate deceit and wrongdoing in spite of threats to his career and the personal lives of those around him."

From Mike Moore, former Attorney General of the State of Mississippi:

"Jeff Wigand is one of a kind. I found him to be extremely intelligent, driven and very courageous. Jeff was the first real insider at the corporate officer level to tell the truth about the industry. We will be forever grateful for Jeff's great personal sacrifice in our effort to save lives. He was and is a great champion."

From Mike Wallace, Correspondent Emeritus, CBS News:

"I've known and admired Dr. Wigand for about 25 years. We first worked together to try to tell the American public, via television on CBS 60 Minutes, about the potential lethality of tobacco among habitual smokers; he continues to do that today, traveling in the US and various foreign countries to help young people confront the dangers of smoking. I have immense admiration for the selflessness with which he continues to pursue his goal." play blackjack online for real

From Judith D. Wallach, PhD, NCPsyA, CGP, DAPA, DABPS:

I met Dr. Wigand in 1996 when, on behalf of the New York Society for Ethical Culture, it was my honor to present to him our Ethical Humanist Award for his courageous actions in revealing tobacco company research and policies harmful to the public good. Since that time, I have followed his career with enormous admiration, as he progressed from teaching gifted high school students the sciences and Japanese, to teaching students of all ages about the dangers of smoking cigarettes." betting sites
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I am honored that people think I am a hero ... but I do
          not accept that moniker as others are much more deserving of it. I did what was right ...
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          in some extraordinary situations and did the right thing ... as all should do - Jeffrey Wigand

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