July 11, 2020  
Letters to Dr. Wigand

Dr. Wigand personally reads every email sent to him via this website. Below are excerpts from some of his most recent emails (names and other personally identifiable information have been removed for privacy).

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Hi Dr. Wigand

Around seven years ago I was building up mental resources to fight my
cigarette addiction. I saw the movie, The Insider and then
researched about you. Saw your website and understood that my
condition was artificially created and maintained for the profit of
corporations. This understanding was a major moral booster for me in
my attempt at quitting. I quit for good. I did and still do like to
smoke but it is one liking that I choose not to practice. I am 35 now
and its been a tobacco free seven years.

I live in the southernmost part of India in the state of Kerala.
Today I saw the movie again and although it says about dramatization,
I can imagine the courage you must have had to muster to fight the way
you did.

Thank you for being you and for what you did and having inspired me.
When ever I speak to smokers, I always point them to your site and ask
them to take the quiz there and see the movie.

Apart from just the tobacco part, there are many things that people
can learn from you. It is on the shoulder of giants like yourself
that we stand today.

Thank you

Grazie for all have you done!

Dear Dr. Wigand,
I am a writer and screenwriter and not in the sciences. I am not an activist per se. I am interested in social justice and have a pet peeve against bullying. All I want to say after just watching The Insider yet again because of its great acting/writing/directing and subject matter, and with the knowledge that parts of it are dramatized for effect, is thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your courage, integrity and sacrifice. You are what real heroes are made of.
No need to respond.

Best Wishes

Alberta, Canada

Thank you for standing up as a light in the darkness. You are an inspiration and an example of courage to do right in a world of wrong. Todd Wiegand

Dr. Wigand:
You lost everything that you cared about when you decided to protect the American public, along w/the rest of the world. I'm so sorry that happened to you. But, I see you have come out the other side the winner and am very happy for you.
Keep up the good fight!
Ruth Stewart

Dear Dr. Wigand,

My name is Maria I am an addictions counselor at Huther Doyle in Rochester, NY. I watched the Insider for the first time, I showed it in three parts to both my outpatient phase I and aftercare groups. After watching the first half, I did some research to find out who you are and I just want to applaud you. I am a Social Worker through and through, and even though I pride myself in always doing what is right and just, I am not sure if I were in your position back than I could have done what you did. I have so much respect for you and your decision to go forth and publicly out the tobacco industry. I wanted to share with you some comments from my patients :

“I learned that sometimes you may sign up for things in life that you may not want to do or say. Sometimes it can affect your whole life by trying to help others”

“I believe Dr. Wigand was correct in his decision to go public about the tobacco issue. Cigarettes are killing people”

“This man risked his life for the betterment of society big business does not care about the people, luckily there are little people like Dr. Wigand who come out of these industries with new prospective and do good rather than do nothing”

You have educated me and inspired me and I truly thank you. I hope you continue to fight the good fight! Also, I am humbled to share my Alma Mater with you UB, psychology class of 2007

Dear Dr Wigand,

I just finished watching the movie about you - The insider - for a 2nd time in my life, and I don't know why this time I had to look you up online and send you this mail,

I think what you did was inspirational and so rare in this greedy and selfish modern world, all the time they talk about the war on drugs, but tobacco and alcohol destroys people lives just as much as drugs.

with all the respect, wishing you all the best.

Mostafa Srag
Cairo, Egypt

Hello Jeffrey,

I am currently a Graduate Student at Johnson & Wales University in Providence,
RI and in my Ethics class my group was assigned Whistle Blowers (yeah, I know
you hate that term) and we chose your case. We did a lot of research into what
you went through and even watch The Insider. All I can say is Wow! You are a
much stronger man than I ever will be. And thanks for all you have done.

Bob Morse
Manager Unix Group -- CIS
Box 1885
Brown University
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 863-7426

Hello Dr. Wigand,

am watching the film right now. Very interesting.

And googled some information about you, the story and so on.

My question : Did you ever indict the pr-firm and their clients for the smear campaign ??

In the USA, you would get hundred and hundred million Dollars or wouldn't you ?



Dear Dr. Wigand,


I was wondering what your thoughts on e-cigarettes - vaping - are especially, for those who want to quit smoking?

Thank you for your time.


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