December 5, 2015  
Secrets Through The Smoke

Secrets Through The Smoke, an educational video for middle and high school students and non-profit health organizations, is available as a free public health service from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This 55 minute video, directed by actor/director Jeremy London, (Party of Five, I'll Fly Away, Mall Rats) and hosted by Giselle Fernandez (Access Hollywood, Dancing with the Stars), will share Dr. Wigand's story and provide firsthand information about the tobacco industry's manipulation and obfuscation of the truth.

Jeffrey Wigand and Jeremy London Many celebrities volunteered their services for this video including Jeremy, Giselle, Christy Turlington, Rosie O'Donnell, and Eagle-Eye Cherry, who donated the theme song, "Rainbow Wings".

Secrets Through The Smoke is intended to inspire, educate, and provide topics for critical thinking and discussion.




What facilitators and teachers are saying about Secrets Through The Smoke

Well done and excellent source of information. Provides the "Good Guys" with some ammo!
- U.S. Postal Service - Wellness Program

The students were able to see the other side of smoking - the true side. They were able to recognize the propaganda being distributed by tobacco companies.
- Douglas Middle School, Douglas AL

The video was shown to teens in cessation class. The exposing of the industry's lies about tobacco is motivating some students to quit using tobacco.
- Project B.U.T.T., Cochise County Health & Social Services, Douglas AZ

My students said it was the most informative presentation they have seen about tobacco. Dr. Wigand is a true hero.
- Carlisle High School, Carlisle OH
The most valuable part was the gross anatomy showing exactly what could happen to them. The section on the twins really created a lot of discussion.
- EF Middle School, Elizabeth PA

It was unlike any other video I've seen. It was the truth right in front of you. This should be mandatory teaching across the U.S.
- Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Erie PA

Part 1 of the video really captivated my students. I paused the video often to clarify, discuss and pose questions to my students. Your video made a huge impact on my students' understanding of the tobacco industry and the effects of tobacco on health.
- Boyceville Middle School, Boyceville WI

I would recommend this to others because any young person needs to be reminded that the tobacco industry is interested in making money - not about caring for humanity.
- Northwest Middle School, Taneytown MD

It thought the whole video was effective. The facts and famous people who spoke got my classes' attention. It was an excellent educational resource. It told the truth and it was not a scare tactic - but reality.
- Memorial Jr. High School, South Euclid OH

I felt the opening "trailer" really interested my students. While this video was intended for an older audience, this age group related to the material and added to our discussion. In addition, Dr. Wigand's appearance sparked communications related to the moral dilemma he faced. I highly recommend this video for adolescents and adults. Children with above average reading levels 12 and above had positive reaction to this tape as well. Teachers previewed several tapes on the same subject and consistently chose this tape for the class room.
- St. Joseph's Catholic School, Garrett IN

It is so much better than the "Just Say No" [campaign]. It gives people a lot to think about - especially how businesses will tell you anything to make money.
- Warren Area High School, Warren PA

This by far is the best tobacco prevention video I have seen. Not only does it educate on tobacco realities, but it also provides an outlet to discuss morals and standing up for what you believe in even though a HUGE company is against you. It goes to show that the little guy can win ... BIG!
- APW High/Middle School, Syracuse NY

We need videos that alter the attitude and stimulate thinking. This video does that! Also, young people react better when young 'hip' people are involved in videos.
- Warren Central High School, Indianapolis IN

I have done previous studies concerning smoking/tobacco and find this video to be extremely accurate.
- Franklin Community High School, Franklin IN

I believe this makes kids express their feelings. They absolutely believe that smoking causes cancer and they so wish their parents would quit.
- Crosby High School, Waterbury CT

My students were impressed with the reality of the video. The Congressional hearings, the pictures of the damage of smoking: the fat in the artery, the laryngectomee, the mouth sores. One of my students said that this was the best video they had ever seen in school.
- Roosevelt School, Kearny NJ

600 additives? WOW! Wigand's a HERO. Very impressive! Facts are hard to dispute! Best video presentation I've seen!
- Maysville High School, Zanesville OH

Very catchy cinematography; nice, it kept moving to various scenes - lots were recognized ... kids liked the twins part and where the "gross" stuff was done (like the fat in the artery/woman with the stoma). They could relate it to many of the anti-smoking/anti-drug commercials they've seen on TV lately.
- Owen-Withee High School, Owen WI

It's well done, current, graphic, and to the point. It caused a lot of class discussion. The gross pictures of lung cancer, gum cancer, tongue cancer and throat cancer really got them. Also, the fatty deposits squeezed out of the aorta also got them.
- Brea Jr. High, Brea CA

Dynamic video. Students focused throughout. It is hard to find good materials. This one is GREAT!
- H V Jenkins High, Savannah GA

Each part is excellent. This is the best educational video addressing tobacco that I have seen in my 31 years of teaching.
- Fairmont High School, Kettering OH

Excellent job! Highly recommended. The most up-to-date info on the use of tobacco products that I have viewed. Thank you!
- Buffalo Grove High School, Buffalo Grove IL

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